Internship - 3D Artist 

As a 3D Artist at Dims you would help our team define the visual language for our open world game creation platform and build the creator asset database.

We started Dims to make a place where players and creators who love open world games can come and build dynamic, interactive worlds and games together with their friends.

We want our users to be able to make large 10x10km worlds, with their friends in realtime, as their characters. Going for a realistic art style. So if your dream is to create your own Middle Earth or the Star Wars world Tatooine with your friends you should be able to do that, all while messing around within the world you're creating. A bit like a huge physical sandbox where you can create anything!

About the role

You'll be working both on the technical side of content creation, as well as content presentation, creating user facing creative tools such as:

  • Configure foliage, tree and rock spawning rules to make a lush natural works in a couple of different presets (forest, desert, snow...)

  • Configure ground textures for each preset

  • Configure lighting and fog settings

  • Find and configure a set of characters

  • Find and configure 3D assets for the creator asset library.

About Dims

We have funding and are backed by two strong investors; one European VC fund and one Game Angel Investor.

The founders are me Tobias, a former business consultant and tech startup leader, and Fredrik who have built games, game engines, and communities for almost two decades. We're a small tight nit team of eight game makers.


Check out this blogpost to learn more about what we're building.
Or our
Twitter and YouTube to check out the product.

Who are you?

  • You are early in your career or still in school, looking for the perfect opportunity to learn and still do work that has a great impact on the product.

  • You know 3D modeling well, and are skilled in the most common creator tools.

  • You're self motivated and can takes initiatives.

What we offer?


This is an opportunity to be part of building a startup from an early stage, and our goal is to help you grow and later transition into a full time role here at Dims.


We have our own nice office in Stockholm, Sweden.

Working on-site is preferred, but we're open to remote work.

Apply now!


  • Start date is as soon as possible.

  • We will invite everyone who fits for a casual short video chat. Drop a few lines about yourself to and we'll get back to you shortly!


We'd love to hear from you!