Introducing Dims - What we're building

Mar 29, 2022

A new way to craft open world adventures - with friends in realtime.

I started with game development back in 1998, and like many others that were into creating games I dabbled with the Warcraft III World Editor. Modding in the WC III editor removed some of the hardest and most time consuming parts of creation that I was used to when developing from scratch; the art style was given, items already had sound, physics, effects, and so on. Need a dragon that spits fire and can fly? Sure thing. Want some heavy rain over your forrest? You got it. Everything was interconnected and just worked. It was pure fun!

The Warcraft III editor was such an intuitive way to create games (by: 'eminemym').

What was so great with the WC III editor was that it eliminated the need for tedious low level creation, the creator no longer needed to wear all the hats of a full game dev team. Instead the creator could focus on designing and scripting fun gameplay.

With Dims we're doing what the WC III editor did, but for open world games. Or, we're even going a bit crazier than that. We want you to be able to make large 10x10km worlds, with your friends in realtime, as your characters. Going for a realistic art style. So if your dream is to create your own Middle Earth or the Star Wars world Tatooine with your friends you should be able to do that, all while messing around within the world you're creating.

For this to happen we've started building creative tools and systems that assists players with the broad strokes. Like eroding a mountain the size of Mount Everest in seconds, or erecting an entire ancient city with the stroke of a ‘pencil’. You’ll still be able to fine tune things when it makes sense, like scripting gameplay events or crafting a house for a scene needed for your story. Some of these tools leverage procedural generation, others are rule based systems that are interconnected. Meaning it's not a game engine where you place out objects, rather its a world that you interact with. Add fertile soil and the trees will grow taller, or throw out a bunch of apples and nearby horses will come to eat them.

Our concept. An interactive world where you and your friends co-create worlds and experiences.

We’re also very excited about inventing fun and social ways of creating together. I have spent 700+ hours with my friends being social and playing PUBG, partly because I love that game but also to hang out and be social with my friends.

So if I could have the equivalent of playing PUBG with my friends, but for creating, that experience would just blow my mind! As I sculpt a mountain in ‘god mode’, my friend sees this raised before his eyes, at the same time the others are working on erecting that ancient city, filling the world with quests and side quests, having basically any idea come to life and then experiencing it immediately together.

With Dims we're going for fun, realtime, creation together with others.

With Dims we want anyone to be able to make realistic interactive open worlds in realtime with their friends.


I, Fredrik Norén have built games, game engines, and communities for almost two decades. My co-founder Tobias Enholm is a former business consultant and has worked in tech startups where he built teams and commercialised products. We have two more amazing game makers on the team, Oskar and Tei. If you like what we’re doing and is looking for something new, check out for open roles.

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Me (on the left) and Tobias, celebrating the birth of Dims with a cup of Stockholms best coffee.