Up next - Build your own shooter!

May 30, 2022

You can now create open worlds, and soon create your own shooter game.

With Dims we’re enabling you to build large open worlds and then make games on top of these using easy and fun creation tools. Fredrik tells a bit about this in an earlier blog post.

Let’s start with what we’ve been busy working on the last couple of months.

There’s no open world game without a landscape. So the first thing we set out to achieve was a terrain tool that lets anyone create landscapes quickly and intuitively, while still making sure that the biomes are unique and diverse.

What we have now is still an early version, but it’s already quite powerful. You simply ‘paint’ out different types of materials, and attached to these materials are rules that defines when and where natural objects that makes up the biome automatically populates in realtime before your character.

With this tool creators can go from nothing to a large open world in minutes, where they then immediately can start working on creating new types of gameplay.

Here’s what’s coming up next.

We’ve already begun working on a tool to let creators script gameplay events without having ever done any programming. The scripting tool will enable you to make many types of gameplay events, but it’s especially honing in on creation of games where weapons and projectiles are at the center of gameplay. So shooters of all sorts.

Over the course of the next couple of months we’re aiming for you to be able to play around with how your weapon looks like and configure things like the damage it makes, how it’s affected by physics, and its’ sound and effects. We’re also looking into fun destructible objects, adding bots and letting you tweak your character and more.

We’re really excited to continue to develop these tools and features together with all you creators out there. So you should join the upcoming playtest sessions and game creation competitions. You sign up to these on Dims.co

We've just started working on a scripting tool that anyone can use!


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Fredrik and myself rocking our sunglasses while attending GDC in San Fransisco 😎