Senior Rendering Engineer

Work fully remote or at our Stockholm office.

Come lead the rendering work on our Rust game engine🦀

Dims goal is to give developers the power to create cutting-edge multiplayer games and experiences through innovative tech. Our aim is to make multiplayer as accessible as single player and continually push the limits of how games and 3D applications are made.

In this role you’ll be responsible for building the rendering engine for our first product, a WebAssembly Runtime for building high-performance online games and 3D applications, powered by Rust and WebGPU.

You’d join our ambitious tight team of 5, growing to 15, and be a paramount part of building the next major startup in the game- and creative industry. We’re lucky to be backed by world-class game industry veterans and VC funds that provide us with the network and funds needed to achieve our big vision. 

Your job is to; 

  • Fully own, design and build our rendering pipeline.

  • Optimize the rendering related performance of the engine.

  • Collaborate closely with other engineers and the founders.

You are a great fit for this role if you;

  • Are proficient in Rust, C++, or similar.

  • Know GPU shader programming (vertex/fragment/compute, GLSL/HLSL).

  • Write quality rendering code in Vulkan, Metal, Direct3D, OpenGL or similar.

  • Understand computer graphics in general, and the math behind it.

  • Desire to be a core part of an early-stage, fast growth, startup.

This is a full-time position where you get:

  • Stock options, you will be an integral part of our journey and mission; therefore we offer you ownership in the company.

  • €6,000 to €7,000 monthly salary, with good growth opportunities.

  • 30 days paid vacation per year.

  • Occupational pension, 4.5% of annual salary.

  • Benefits package: Insurance, wellness, health and more.

Work fully remote or on-site at our office near Slussen, Stockholm.

Send resume and introduction to

We’re an equal opportunity employer and welcome employees of all types, shapes and forms.

‘Dims Runtime’ at a glance:

  • Seamless networking for easy building of multiplayer experiences.

  • Isolation through WebAssembly modules for secure execution of untrusted code.

  • Data-oriented design based on ECS for efficient and flexible game development.

  • Currently supports Rust, with plans for language expansion.

  • Single executable runtime for server, client, or both.

  • Asset pipeline & streaming for seamless content loading and delivery.

  • Powerful GPU-driven PBR renderer with efficient culling and lodding.

Find out more about us and what we’re building at